Wicker furniture is in great demand right now and hence furniture retailers are stocking up on them all across the country. From the big retailers to the small local stores, everyone is facing an increasing demand in wicker furniture from customers and clients. The main reason behind this rise is the new wave of environment friendly furnishing that is sweeping the globe. All the modern designers are currently experimenting with wicker furnishing, which has led to a great awareness amongst customers about wicker furniture.

There are several different types of wicker furniture that you can buy from a wholesaler of wicker furniture. There are the main furniture sets like living sets and dining sets. Then there are the occasional use sets that are meant for sporadic use around the house.

To start with dining sets, you have many different kinds to choose from. There are dining sets with seating arrangement for four, six and even eight. These are high quality dining sets that have great design. The chairs are just perfect for dinning and they have just the right design for comfortable seating and eating. Dining chairs and tables need to be of a perfect height for comfortable eating. So the proper measurements are quite important here. This is why you will need to buy your furniture from a reputed wholesaler because he will ensure that you are buying the best furniture around.

Most wicker dining sets are meant for the dining room whilst some other smaller dining sets are often meant for patio or outdoors use. These are usually four chaired sets with a small table that are perfect for the lawn or a garden.

We move on to wicker living sets, Wicker Dining Sets which are essentially seating arrangements with the required centerpieces and accessories. Living sets come in great variety and you can find ones that are built economically and also ones that are meant to be used in a luxury setting. These living sets on an average come equipped with one centerpiece and three seating pieces. Of the three seating pieces, two are usually meant to accommodate one person each and the third is usually meant for three people. As you go higher up, you will find that living sets also have side tables, side-racks and also foot rests. These form a complete living set of complimenting and matching pieces. The seating pieces are usually mid-back high and are more reclined than the dining set chairs. However, they are primarily meant for seating and not for full reclining.

Other than these two main categories, there are also pieces that are meant for occasional use. These are usually meant for being used on the patio, balcony or front porch. There are wicker loungers, recliners, rocking chairs and normal chairs that are built for this purpose. These are focused on comfort more than anything else. Some of them can even be slept upon. There are also wicker storage racks and baskets that are meant for indoor use.

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