Paintball, Sniper Pros, Hunting and Airsoft enthusiasts many times have gotten dressed in such a manner that they can camouflage with their surroundings. Camouflaging is necessary if the hunter wants to be successful in getting their prey. The hunters are required to have a sense of slyness and be able to merge with the surroundings successfully. Wearing camouflage is necessary, because it breaks the human silhouette and you can travel around completely ignored. Many hunters focus on camouflaging themselves all the time and forget about the importance of camouflaging their weapon.

And therefore, the result is that their rifle sticks out like an ugly thumb. And any animal will be able to notice you! Therefore a rifle camouflage is a very important activity and you can camouflage the rifle yourself. There are two ways of doing this. One, is simple, all you will need is some cans of spray paint.

The other way is much, much, much easier and less opportunity to damage your gun or rifle, and as opposed to spray paint…it is not PERMANENT! The other way to make your own rifle wrap with jute/burlap or synthetic thread some elastic and netting or purchasing rifle wraps, inexpensively off the internet.

When you camouflage a rifle, you would like to paint it with the colors that will merge with the surroundings. Camouflaging will also remove the shine from the metal pieces of the rifle, like the bolt, trigger and barrel. The first thing that you will be required to do is that to visit the home supplies store of your neighborhood and buy paints that will help you  17 wsm Ammo for sale  camouflage the weapon. The colors that you will require will be flat green, flat black, flat khaki, and flat brown. The flat paints will help you eliminate the shine and glare of the weapon.

In the first step prior to painting the weapon, you will have two options. You can disassemble the gun and paint it in parts or you can just paint it as a whole and mask of the segments that you do not wish to paint. If you choose the masking option then you can take blue paint tape from the store and mask off the sections barrel, bolt, scope glass and trigger etc.

After the gun is masked or disassembled you can start applying the first coat of the paint. This coat will be solid and will be applied on the whole rifle. The color will depend on the type of location you are going to use it. If in woodlands you can start the base color with green or if your location is a desert then the color would be a brown or khaki. Apply the coat and let the rifle to dry.

After the rifle is dry, go on and apply the second coat. There will be other decisions that you will have to take during this point. The color of the second coat will depend on the color of the plant life in that area. If it is grassland, then you can ‘stripe’ the gun with green color. If the area is woodlands, then you will have to ‘splotch’ the paint. Doing this will help you to accomplish your job of rifle camouflage. You can also make interesting plant patterns with the paint on your rifle. The patterns must be similar to the patterns in that area. You can easily have a pattern on the rifle, take a leaf from that region and keep it between the paint can and the gun. Start painting and you will have painted the outline of the leaf.

You will have to repeat the process till you color the whole rifle and make it look like the area. Avoid symmetry as it would show up in the area. The use of brown and black colors must be restricted to just accents. After the paint gets dry you can unmask the areas or reassemble the pieces of the rifle. You will be proud of the rifle camo job you have done.


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