Naming the business is one of the most difficult tasks a start-up company will face. Choosing a good name will open up opportunities for branding and will allow people to instantly associate the name with your company. A bad name, on the other hand, will simply be lost in the ether and will be forgotten as soon as it is heard.

It’s a conundrum for sure and there is no fool proof way of picking the right name. Still, with these tips you may be able to work out which name is right for your real estate agency.

The Personal Route

Some of the most prestigious companies in the world are simply named after the people who created them. In the retail sector you have the likes of Bloomingdales and any number of fashion houses named after designers. The real estate business is no different.

Using you name for the business immediately conjures up a trustworthy image of you for potential clients. Furthermore, if the company builds up a reputation for quality of service your name becomes much more prestigious as it is associated more closely with the real estate business.

Keep It Simple

If the personal route is not for youn Blossoms by The Park then you are going to have to get a little bit more creative. The problem here is that too much creativity can end up spoiling the entire process. Remember that the name needs to be sharp, snappy and memorable. Getting too complex will only leave people confused and make it more difficult for them to associate your brand with the services you offer.

Always remember that the name doesn’t have to relate to the industry. Consider some of the largest brand names of the current day. Without knowing what they do beforehand do you think it would be possible to guess what business Google are in? The company name doesn’t directly reference the services they offer but it is catchy and easy to use in marketing material, which means that millions are able to identify it.

Don’t Overthink

By all means you should brainstorm potential names and consider each of them equally, but don’t spend too much time thinking about making the perfect name. Instead, just come up with a few ideas and see if any stand out for you. If you’re finding yourself having to justify why you want to use a particular name then the odds are it isn’t a good name in the first place.

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