This years Detroit auto show is now over and many manufacturers are formulating their plans for how they will approach a new consumer market. In particular, Ford can look forward to revealing their comeback strategy for promoting small cars in a way to attract a bigger market 成立離岸公司 share. Their first thought is to adorn them with many new features seldom seen in the domestic market, such as roomier interiors, more electronic gadgets, fuel efficient turbocharged engines and sheet metal for a sportier look.

One example of these concepts can be seen in the newly redesigned 2012 Ford Focus, one of Ford Motor Companies biggest splashes at the auto show. It touts touch-screen controls for navigation, built in phone, better climate control features and updated entertainment gadgets. The vehicle is due in early 2011 and also has the ability to download applications used on Apple’s iPhone.

The Ford Focus should prove to once again be one of Ford’s most popular and most valuable pieces to its small car strategy. With Ford’s commitment to quality, in particular to the 2011 Ford Focus, they will attempt to gain their measure of market share in this ever changing automotive climate.

The small-car segment, long known to be dominated by Asian automakers, will most likely be a major battleground for manufacturers as gasoline prices rise and the government mileage standards continue to get tougher. But many of the loyal Ford customers who equate small with cheap may have issues with the high stickers being placed on small cars.


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