Throughout our history we have progressed through inventions being turned into commercial products. Often these inventions are not automatically used as a product, but are turned into a product at much later date.

What are the Five life Stages of an Invention?

1. A Product is Invented

Either a team or an individual invents a new product, that often could take years of hard work to create. If its an individual working on their own, often they are held back by financial or time restrictions, whilst a team could be paid by either a Government, Research Institute or Company to create the product.

2. Producing the Invention

Once a product is created, it has be tested on the Marketplace, if a producer is interested in the product. Consumer products are often re-designed, and introduced into the market if they are determined to be profitable. Other products financed by Governments may be for Governmental use only, and then introduced onto the market later. This was the case with the internet, which originally started as an alternative link between Governments, and Scientists.

3. The Product becomes Obsoleteideas for an invention

There are millions of invented products that just became obsolete because something better replaced them. This was the case with the typewriter, record player and Laser Disc player. Many of these products work, but as technology moves forward, they simply fall out of use.

4. Innovation

The original product may become obsolete but innovators may use that product to enhance a more modern invention. Computer keyboards are still modeled on the old typewriter keyboards, the VCD, then the DVD replaced the same idea of the Laser Disc.

5. Collectible Items

After a certain period of time, some products becomes collectible, what was considered old and useless a few years ago, suddenly becomes trendy to collect and has a value again. This happens with old pre-war record players, now rare and expensive. Some Factories still proudly display old machinery, still usable but hopelessly out of date, a legacy of yesterday. ideas for an invention

New ideas often have a life cycle that is as changeable as the technological World we live in. From something new and exciting, to something ridiculed and unwanted, often to something unique and valued as a souvenir of yesterday.

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