Furniture is a growing industry sector with business, homes and schools relying on it heavily, schools are getting more crowded and more furniture is needed, traditional furniture is available everywhere, these consist of your simple desks, chairs, cupboards etc. However not all school will want this, some have specific requirements, dimensions and styles that they wish their furniture to adhere to.

This is when they turn the Bespoke Furniture, specialist companies will allow you to draw up or write up your specific needs and specifications, they will sit down with you and work through the design process until you are 100% happy with how your products will look. Once the design stage has been complete and the materials have been agreed a test piece will be manufactured. The test piece if required to like a table for a school, will undergo testing to make sure it is safe, the finished product will then be showed to you and quality control assessed. If any adjustments need to be made then they will do so at this point. Once you are happy with your project manufacture will go ahead (often in batch production), this type of service is rarely granted if you are just ordering small amounts of furniture to be manufactured.

Another popular product for school to order customised 幼兒積木  are cupboards or storage trays, a school is a place where space is essential (especially in classrooms), due to this fact furniture is often measured up to be built as a means to increasing space around the classroom.


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